An artistic community: in 2006 the Sunday Times said, ‘In recent years (Moniaive) has been transformed into a thriving artistic community’ (03/12/06). That transformation has continued, and Moniaive and surrounding area is now home to:

Alex Kapranos: singer-songwriter, Franz Ferdinand; owns James Paterson’s house, where four FF albums were recorded; supports/records young upcoming bands,
Greg Lawson – violinist/conductor, national orchestras, Moishe’s Bagel, recreated Martyn Bennett’s ‘Grit’ for Celtic Connections, SEE NEWS PAGE FOR MUSIC VIDEO.
Alan Grant – comic book scriptwriter, TV scriptwriter, including work on Batman, Lobo, Judge Dredd, Ace Lightning, Superman, 200AD, Judge Anderson,  Robo Cop  and The Bogie Man,
Sarah Keast - visual artist and printmaker,
Silvana McLean – artist and printmaker,
Hugh Taylor – travel writer and photographer,
Melville Brotherston – landscape painter,
Alex Rigg – artist, oceanallover environmental art/construction,
Florenzia Garcia Chafuen, as above – oceanallover
Jo Hodges – creator of The Dark Outside FM and Sanctuary experimental works project,
Robbie Coleman – as above
Fiona Stephen – violinist, national orchestras, recording session musician, Fiona Stephen@ARTISTdirect
Michelle Reynolds – community artist, carnival/recycled materials specialist
Pete Garnett – accordionist, Moishe’s Bagel, performs as a duo with Greg Lawson -
Wendy Stewart – Scottish harper, performer and teacher,
Kate Howard – singer, performer and teacher of world music,
Rodney Gibson, classical/opera singer and teacher,
Darcy da Silva – young home-grown musician with a growing reputation as performer and teacher,
Melanie Thorne – composer and instrumental teacher,

Sue Grant – graphic designer, journalist

Mike Staples - author/musician "Little Penny Dreadfuls' see and inclusion in Red Rattle Books. Music Project 'Luciensghost' debut EP due.

Trisha Richardson and Andy Brown – textile designers for the fashion industry, selling worldwide to a diverse range of clients.

This list includes only artists living in and around Moniaive who have a regional or national profile. Artists from other areas are drawn to the arts scene in Moniaive, whilst there are many more local writers, photographers, painters, sculptors and other creative folk living in Glencairn who contribute to our vibrant cultural provision.

Community Groups

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Moniaive Gala 01848 200331

Moniaive Michelmass Bluegrass Festival 01848 200272

Moniaive Folk Festival 01387 820241

Autoharp Festival 01848 200272

Moniaive & District Arts Association 01848 200207

Moniaive Evergreens 01848 200314

Glencairn History Group 01848 200256

SWRI 01848 200727

Glencairn Bowling Club 01848 200482

Walking Group 01848 200469

Cairn Chorus 01848 200043 or 200526

Fishing Club 01848 200467

Bells of St Ninian's 01848 200403

Glencairn Community Council 01848 200331

Toy Library 01848 200111

Cairn Valley Community Transport 01387 820401

Moniaive Playcare 07874 216784

​Moniaive Initiative 01848 200203

​Craigdarroch Fishing Club

Cairnhead Forest Trust

Glencairn Memorial Institute 01848 200331


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