Moniaive Festival Village

Patrons: Alex Kapranos (Singer/Musician Franz Ferdinand), Alan Grant (Comic Book scriptwriter)

We want to maximise the social and economic benefit to Moniaive and Glencairn from our artistic and creative potential, building from the well-established base of artists, festivals, events and other creative assets.  To support this arrangement and to achieve the shared vision, each organisation has appointed a representative on the Moniaive Festival Village working group.

The Partners have agreed to learn, plan and work together to:
Expand opportunities for people living in Glencairn to be involved in creative activities.
Engage creative professionals in work that supports our aims
Showcase, promote and encourage creative work that celebrates Glencairn
Share resources, knowledge and skills to continue to improve the quality of creative provision in the community.

To identify the needs of the community and to identify ways to address those needs through the arts.
Enhance the financial sustainability, not just of our existing festivals and events, but also of the businesses and services which currently exist in the community.
Ensure that information about the group’s projects and aims is shared with the wider community, and ensure that the community is appropriately represented within the MFV group.

MFV is made up of people who live and work in Glencairn, where Moniaive is the main settlement.  After talking informally for a few months, the group came together in November 2014 to discuss how we could work together. Partners from outside Glencairn parish may also join the partnership, provided they support the aims and values of the project.

Our Vision

Our Strength